Sunday, July 10, 2016


I cannot escape the Lord's goodness.  No matter how bad my life seems or how blind I am to his blessings.  It is there and it chases me down....raining blessing over me again and again and again.


He is good.  He is. The longer I walk in this life of faith - the longer I follow Jesus - the more I see it. I'm certain it's been there all the time, but I notice it more now.  I see it clearly.  I recognize his good and I call it out - bringing it into the spoken world.
I tell others.  I beam about what He is doing.  I am annoying for sure as I can't stop telling of his blessings to me.

But I am only given my life, this life, and I must tell others of what He is doing.

It's how I combat the evil one.
It's how I tear down his lies to me - his ugly lies that says God is "holding out on me" or has "forgotten me".

I am not forgotten.

God is not holding out on me.

He is pouring his abundant blessings over in and day out.

And guess what?  You are not forgotten.  He's pouring his blessings over you too.

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  1. Danielle, your words are bursting with truth and peace. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.