Monday, January 21, 2013

Hot Yoga

One of my  New Year's Goals was to try hot yoga at least once, and today was the day!  I certainly did not leave empty-handed...
I'll walk you through a bit of my experience.

Random thoughts:
The room was 105 degrees, and by the middle of the class everyone's sweating pretty heavily - I mean you literally see sweat falling off people onto their mats.  When you're supposed to grab your leg or arm or any place that doesn't have clothing, it's seriously hard to hold on because your body is so slippery.  I was particularly fortunate (insert sarcasm here) to have a shirtless man in spandex shorts with a big diamond stud earring in his ear in the spot right next to me - perhaps 24 inches at the most away from me.  He was pouring the sweat... At one point the instructor challenged us to do a head stand.  I did not take that challenge as I was pretty sure that the result of my attempt would scathe the peacefulness of the class.  Sweaty spandex man DID take the challenge, however, and as I was doubled over looking through my legs in the stretching pose we were supposed to be in, I watched as he started to lift his feet up....all I could think of was that if he fell on me it would be awful.
He did not fall...meaning I ended the class with only my own sweat on my body - for which I am extremely thankful.

Physical:  A-MAZE-ING!  I love heat, I love to sweat, and I love this was a fantastic combination for me.  My muscles felt incredible when it was over - perhaps as good or even better than they did after the last massage I got.  Loved that.  I think that if I did this habitually, my body, muscles, and bum hamstring would be all the better for it. Seriously.

Spiritual:  I've been to some yoga classes that had a more "general" spiritual slant to it.  This is nice because if you're beliefs are not in line with many of the beliefs that accompany yoga, you can fairly easily turn it into a time of prayer to God.  This class, however, was much more specific in yoga-ish  spirituality.  My third eye was refered to on multiple occasions, blue light was supposedly in my mouth at one point?, and I was told that I was a self-healer (I am not) as well as other things.  These were only a few of the spiritual references....The general idea that seemed to be expressed throughout class was that I am the master of myself, I am the one who heals, brings peace, and lets go....the power is from me and in me, instead of from an outside force or being.
Although I certainly appreciate the peacefulness and quiet of yoga... and I love that letting go of the craziness and business of life to slow down is valued and a core part of the practice...after being in this class, I am reminded of how thankful I am that I am not in charge of these things in my life.  I am the undeserving recipient of GRACE!   I surrender, and He takes care of the rest.  I have a God who is a healer, a God who brings peace, and a God who shines HIS light through me.  If I really were in charge of my healing, or my peacefulness, or my rest...I'd be screwed.  Thanks to God for making me what I'm not and putting His power into my life to make me more than I am.

Favorite Saying of the class:  There is one particular phrase that the instructor mentioned that I loved.  Unfortuately I have to paraphrase as I can't recall her exact words... She challenged us on several occasions to push past the place that we thought was the challenge to get to the real challenge. I thought that was such a great saying.  It reminded me of the quote about praying not for crutches but for wings.  It's so true that we expect such meager things, when mountain moving is available.  Thank you yoga instructor for that quote!

So Nathalie and I left - hot, stretched, and in conversation about all that had happened.  And coming home she introduced me to some magic potion lotion that I tried....tingly and amazing!  Will I go back - not to this particular place - due to the spiritual component in this class.  Am I challenged to stretch more in hot environments...For sure!

So there you have it.  Hot Yoga completed. 
Signing off,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Goals 2013

So here they official NEW YEAR'S GOALS!!!  I've been just plain worn out emotionally by life lately, so my goals aren't quite as lofty as usual....but valuable nonetheless :)

New Years Goals:
#1 - Eat Keystone Mac-n-Cheese every Monday without fail (unless I'm out of town) (TOTALLY ON TARGET...)

#2 - Not watch ANY Bachelorette/Bachelor or any such ridiculous POISON to my brain all year long (on target...)

#3 - Pray with serious ferver - strive less, pray desperately more (Yep - Happening...)

#4 - Find a summer job this year in order to escape depression and much crying in June (Utter FAIL)

#5 - Get piano tuned/fixed (FAIL)

#6 - Go to one international adoption information meeting (FAIL)

#7 - Try hot yoga at least once (done)

#8 - Stay committed to Coffee Emporium - drinking lots of coffee while building relationships with my friends who work there - very important. (yep - this is happening :)

#9 - Refrain from egg-ing (or any other such vandalism) of any "Peace Pole" that might exist around this city.  Ignore the irony of such pole(s) and love people anyway. (hasn't happened yet - think about it all the time...kidding.)

#10 - Gather with work friends in social settings several times before summer. (okay so it's happened once...)

#11 - Succesfully complete training/coaching with the Stepping Forward Team for the Flying Pig.  Run the half marathon in under 2 hours. (First Part - DONE.  Second Part - not under 2, but 2:14...which is faster than last year!)

#12 - Get at least 12 massages this year (5 completed)

#13 - Visit at least 5 friends who live out of state (NOPE)

#14 - Be braver.  Fear less.  Risk more. (Uhmm….not really…this would require an in-depth conversation…)

Other goals:
January - Starting Jan.13, get rid of 3 things every day for the rest of the month (done), Finish The Life of Pi (done) and go see the movie (happened in February...but did see it)

February - Read one book, Go to the gym at least 3 times every week this month (Read Girl Meets God and loved it...missed the gym one by one workout)

March - Make one craft off Pinterest, Read another book (Made a Spring wreath with Rachel and Heather - the book didn't happen...I read about half of The Fisherman and several chapters in Relentless Hope by Beth Guckenberg.  And then I lost both books - I think I left them at my parents' house!)

April - Travel somewhere over Spring Break, Read another book (Travelled to Washington D.C. for the IJM Global Prayer Gathering = AMAZING.  Travelled to my mom and dad's house for Easter.  Read the book Fields of Gold by Andy Stanley...however, I finished it on May 7th...well, it was close :)

May - Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in under 2 hours, Eat at a fantastic restaurant  (Ran the Pig in 2:14...Next year... restaurant to be completed...)

June - Get tan, Watch one Francis Chan Podcast, Go to at least one event on Fountain Square or Washington Park (Got tan.  No podcast, tried to go to an event....cancelled due to rain but still romped around downtown.)

July - Continue tan, Make another craft off Pinterest, Go see one movie in the theatre, Send at least 3 people snail mail (In some ways I quit life in big fat NADA on this one! - well except for the tan...yep I did that well.)

*The rest of this list will be made when I get to the summer that point I'll re-evaluate my position in life and determine goals then...