Wednesday, May 13, 2015

He Accomodates

I was watching the A.D. Bible series on tv, and this evening,

I think of the resurrection of Jesus.  When he revealed himself to the apostles and they were in the room hiding from the Romans, Thomas was the one who said he would not believe - unless his put his hand in the nail holes in Jesus' hand.  He needed to touch him.  He needed proof.  The events were too incredulous and in his human frailty and weakness, he wanted the hard facts in order to believe the truth.

What would we think Jesus would do to that request?  We would think he would expect that Thomas would buck up.  We might think he would insist Thomas believe without evidence...that he consider the past - all that Jesus had done...and would just believe...
but What absolutely amazes me is that in that place of doubt, Jesus meets him right his weakness.  He sees Thomas's desire, his lack of faith and belief, and he acts by showing him the nail scars in his hands.  He gives Thomas the proof that helps his mind conceive truth.

The kindness in this act overwhelms me.  That the Lord of the Universe sees my frailty, sees my struggles, sees the many places where I am not where I should be...and he accommodate me.  He accommodates my needs...even when they are ridiculous.   He reveals himself to me even when he has done it over and over again...because he loves me that much.  He loves me enough to see my human, sinful condition and to meet me right there.  To meet me where I am in order to move me to another place.

Such beautiful love.

Such graciousness.

And what an example for me to follow.  In my God appointed life's mission to love others with the love of Christ, am I meeting people right where they are - in their brokenness, and frailty? Am I this accommodating and accepting?  Or am I judgmental?  May I be as gracious with others, as God is to me.  May I continually realize and recognize that such grace is offered me by my Savior and my brothers and sisters...and give that grace freely to everyone around me.  May I be one who offers love.  Deep love.  Love that expects nothing back.  Love like Jesus.