Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The first time I really heard about the realities of sex trafficking was in Dayton, Ohio while listening to a woman named Becky McDonald speak.  Becky is the president of Women at Risk, International.  She is engaging, knowledgable, brilliant, and a follower of Christ.  She speaks with passion and resolution about the cause of women and children in our world...the atrocities that they face, the horrors of their world, the injustice that is reality for so so many.

She grew up in Bangladesh, and I will never forget this quote she spoke that evening.
She said, "The day I saw acid poured down a woman's throat to silence her, was the day I became about the cause of women and children."

I sat and listened to her.   I had heard the reality.  And I couldn't un-know it.  My eyes were opened to a nightmare - one that I had been largely unaware of...so when I heard of the option to host a home party selling products that both rescued women and women in poverty had made, it seemed like a no brainer.  I had hosted Christmas parties in the past - and they were a lot of work...and so I decided that if I was going to have people over and do a lot of work, well then it might as well be for a really good reason and benefit someone in this world....

THUS, the annual Women at Risk Open House was born...

This year marks the 6th year I've thrown open the doors here at the Presley Casa and sold their products.

Each year, it is hard.
..and lot of work.
Each year I fight insecurities and fears.

Each year, people show up.
Each year I eat cookies and look at beautiful products with friends and family.

Each year, I decide it is worth it.

The beautiful thing about the progression of it, is that it is feeling more and more like a TEAM event.  It's not just me anymore.  And I love that.  Heather takes orders and pictures.  Karen came over and helped me clean up (rather she cleaned up while I sat for 10 minutes and ate dinner).  My sister, my mom, and Karen made cookies.  My mom and our friend Kristie helped me set up for the event.
And not to mention I'm on a team with about 60 people that came to the event to shop!

It feels good to be on a team.  A team that fights for freedom through a little event at my house.  This year we had about $2,900 in sales.  Every 250 dollars supports a woman in a safe house for a month.  So all in all, our Open House will support a gal for nearly a year.  Think of that!?  It's amazing...an honor...a JOY.

What a privilege to be a part of bringing freedom to people!  What an honor to stand with a cause of Justice.

If you get a moment...you might want to check out the website.  It will be worth it.  And maybe...just maybe you'll want to host a party of your own? :)