Friday, January 6, 2012

Abundantly Free

There are many things that we can fear in life... and it's true that reality can be excrutiating.   But something I've realized that I am most tempted to fear is not specific situations in life, but rather I fear that I will be left in a state of confusion and indecision.  It's very possible that I might fear this more frequently than anything else in life.  I worry that God will place options before me, and then will say "Well, make a choice."....and I'll be confused, with no clear direction or feeling about where I should go. 

This really makes absolutely no sense because nothing in my past reflects this happening...I've always been given directions/inclinations/hearts desires that helped me know what decision I needed to make when I needed to make it.  With this kind of track record...why IS it that I fear this?  At the very root of it, I know it's a lack of trust in God's abundance and goodness.  It stems from a doubt that he does indeed have a plan and that the plan is good.  It's a fear that I will be left on my own to figure life out.  This is bad, bad, bad.

So I've made a decision in my decision making...when making life choices (small or large) I will choose what most leads to abundant freedom.  I believe God is a God of abundance.  His plan is not 75% good - rather, it far exceeds expectations every time.  I also believe he is a God who wants me to be free.   I need to make choices that lead to freedom in my heart and soul.  In considering these parameters, I certainly know that detemining what is abundant and free MUST involve more than the immediate...I'm not talking about abundance or freedom for THIS that case I would quit my job every time it bogged me down and didn't meet my expectations.  No, instead, this is abundance and freedom in a place of long-term consideration...a place of wisdom and discernment.

I, once again, surrender myself today to God's power in living a life free of walking more living more freely. 
Abundant Life.