Friday, January 3, 2014



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I had the priviledge of being the Awaited Show at Crossroads this Christmas season.  It ended up truly being one of the best experiences of my year!  We had 15 shows – and despite the fact that it became a bit like “Groundhog Day”…we had a total blast doing it!  From the beginning the focus of the program was made clear – this was a show to tell the story of Jesus and the rescue he brings to people who perhaps had never connected with God’s story before.  We were called “Go Awaited” – which is in line with all the other events where Crossroads “goes” and engages with others outside of their community - sharing the love and hope of Christ. 

We had table assignments where we ate dinners together and table facilitators who led discussion questions at the table if desired.  At my table, I had the privilege of having some older ladies as well as some younger gals – and in particular, the gal who was the “camel butt” in the show was at my table!  She was a stilt walker, a teacher, and knew how to juggle.  One night she juggled for all of us, which was so stinkin’ awesome!  Nearly every evening, folks from the prayer team came and offered to pray with anyone who wanted prayer.  All of this together led to a wonderful climate of joy.  JOY seemed to be the theme that covered the entire season.  Beautiful, fulfilling JOY. 

What beautiful people I was able to meet and also reconnect with.  What moving music I was surrounded by each evening.  While the rest of the world was out and about for the Christmas season – there was something so simple about being in one place, with the same people, celebrating a Savior through music, words, dance and family. 



*Dancing in the hallways with the stag-ish sort of creature at the beginning of the show before going down the aisle….double tap dance!
*Stretching Olympics
*The loud “AHH AHHH” part in the Mary and Joseph song….
*The scrim dropping with joyful dancing and singing
* Fearing for my life in the manger scene
*Walking down the aisle in the quiet of the “Silent Night Shhh” part and hearing children singing
*Walking past that cute little gal crouched down at the front of the aisle ready to go on stage
*Hearing Tiffany’s lovely voice behind me
*Table discussion with my table gals
*Catching up with old friends from former years of Awaited
*That great graham coffee
*The stink bug walking up the scrim during the show
*Melissa’s veil getting stuck on the manger

                                             Love this picture…a Baby Doll raised in the air.